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Front Cover Bird Populations, Volume 7        
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King, D.I., J.H. Rappole, and J.P. Buonaccorsi Long-Term Population Trends of Forest-Dwelling Nearctic-Neotropical Migrant Birds: A Question of Temporal Scale 1-9
Burris, J.M., and A. Haney Bird Communities Before and After a Catastrophic Blowdown in a Great Lakes Pine Forest 10-20
DeSante, D.F. Introduction to the Reports 21-22
DeSante, D.F., and D.R. Kaschube The Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survivorship (MAPS) Program 1999, 2000, and 2001 Report 23-89
Gardali T., and J.D. Lowe Reviving Resident Bird Counts: The 2001 and 2002 Breeding Bird Census 90-95
Gardali,T., and J.D. Lowe (eds.) Breeding Bird Census: 2001 96-113
Gardali,T., and J.D. Lowe (eds.) Breeding Bird Census: 2002 114-127
Lowe, J.D. An Annotated Bibliography of Breeding Bird Census Publications 128-135
Crick, H., J. Marchant, D. Noble, and S. Baillie Accelerating Declines Revealed by New BTO Report 136-139
Freeman, S., D. Noble, S. Newson, and S. Baillie Ensuring Continuity — Linking CBC and BBS 140-142
Raven, M. What Happened to Breeding Bird Populations in 2001? 143-146
Marchant, J., and P. Beaven Waterways Monitoring Update 147-150
Balmer, D., and L. Milne CES Comes of Age 151-155
Glue, D. Breeding Tawny Owl and Siskin Defy Spring Chill 156-158
Glue, D. Osprey and Peregrine Among Breeding Season Highlights 159-161
Rehfisch, M., G. Austin, and A. Musgrove Wintering Waders in Decline 162-165
Glue, D. Kites and Parakeets Add Colour to Midwinter Birdtables 166-169
Leech, D., H. Crick, and S. Baillie The Contrasting Fortunes of Britain’s Breeding Birds 170-172
Galbraith, C. The Population Status of Birds in The UK: Birds of Conservation Concern: 2002–2007 173-179
Raven, M., and D. Noble Common Bird Population Changes — 1994 to 2002 180-186
Marchant, J., and R. Coombes Breeding Birds on Waterways 187-190
Toms, M. Garden Birdwatch — Monitoring an Important Habitat 191-194
Balmer, D., and L. Milne Improved Breeding Success in 2002 195-199
Glue, D. Stonechats and Starlings Spurred on by Spring Warmth 200-201
Glue, D. Bee-Eaters - The Stars of an Upbeat Breeding Season 202-203
Beaven, P., D. Leech, and H. Crick The Nest Record Scheme 2002 — Has Linnet Turned the Corner? 204-207
Austin, G., S. Jackson, and H. Mellan Waterbird Alerts 208-211
Glue, D. Variety at Winter Bird Tables 212-215